Wednesday, March 24, 2021

It’s the midnight hour and time to change your frequency?


Some time ago I put together an entry about my first transistor radio.  Of course KBUR—1490 AM our local station came in loud and clear during its broadcast day.  I would spin the dial to get other stations at various parts of the day and at night I would point the little antenna  in various directions to pull in stations from  all over the Midwest and a little south.  A lot of people. I knew then and some I know now may as well have bought a radio without a tuner as their radio dial was  set. On the same frequency minute after minute, hour after hour, day, after day, week after week—you get  the idea.  These folks might not have ever missed a thing that  their station played and yet how many voices didn’t they hear, learn from, and enjoy?  How many ideas were limited to what their ears heard in the fackground?  

Well...recently I experienced a reminder of how limited my youthful local radio  listening was  when I  was fortunate enough to experience “THE MIDNIGHT HOUR.  This “radio experience” had many  of the elements of. Local radio but...instead of being comepletely retro it took the best of podcasting, wrapped it up  in a creative  bundle reminding mew of Monty Python mixed with a little bit of Bob and Doug McKenzie.  

You can find this listening experience at where all eight  episodes of this show are now posted.  

This show has all the familiar elements of every radio show you have ever loved and it stretches them in a manner that makes you think and laugh at the talent and maybe at yourself.   

To summarize we all might benefit from changing the frequency and maybe not just on our radio....

I was fortunate to come across a place where  som local artists  have created a radio experience that stretches the “norm” just enough to be enlightening.  

Oh and I interviewed two of the people behind this project for. My recent podcast.  You can hear that interview by clicking the link  RIGHT AFTER YOU CLICK ON THE LINK TO THE MIDNIGHT HOUR

Well I think I hear quiet strains of the national  anthem so it’s time to end my broadcast/writing day...more soon 

Enter the world of Huron City Radio today!

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